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This was my first time at Personal Expressions. I came here because I want to use organic color. I really enjoyed the whole experience at this salon. It feels like a family and I felt comfortable right away! I saw the owner Diane and she spent extra time with me to discuss what I wanted to do with my hair. I don't have curly hair like many of their customers but she was also great with my wavy hair and showed me how to style it. I am getting plenty of compliments on my hair color and style! I already set up next appointment!

Susan Brier

Rebekah gave me the best hair cut I have ever had! I was nervous to try the deva cut, as other salons have ruined my curls before, but she walked me through the process and explained all of the products. Definitely found my new salon. My hair looks better than ever :)

Alexa Reyez

This is a fantastic, laid back, no pressure salon. Metta cut my hair, and I scheduled my next appointment right then and there! The people here are awesome and they know curly hair. My hair has never looked better. A great, big THANK YOU!!!

Katie Anne

My first time at Personal Expression and it will not be my last. Thank you Diane for such an education on personal and natural hair care. This is a little sanctuary in Haddonfield!!

Darlene DePasquale

When I first came to Personal Expressions, my curls were not cut in a way that allowed them to grow and fall properly. It's been about two years now and I've never loved my curls more. Diane cuts and colors beautifully and I genuinely enjoy the whole staff. Just like hanging out with the girls when I'm there. Highly recommend!

Kelly Cahill Hennigan

Amazing! Absolutely love love love the cut I got, the knowledge I left with and the whole entire experience. Rebekah is just perfect! Cant wait to go back.

Lisa M

The staff was welcoming and intelligent. They did a wonderful job explaining what they were doing with my hair and how I could replicate it myself at home!

Ethan Lane-Miller

The salon is comfy and very personable. The owner knows who you are and just makes you feel at home. Metta cuts my hair, have been with her for many years. She is always ready to do something fun and I walk out feeling like a new version of me. Also I really like the organic color, it lasts a long time in my hair and does not have those toxic smells when we are in the process of the magic.

Hollis Gross-Citron

When my husband and I moved to NJ in 2012, I had no idea that making an appt at Personal Expressions to get my hair cut would not only change my hair and my style, but also my life. Diane Hazelwood transformed my frizzy, ragged curls into HEAVEN with Deva Curl and gave me the confidence I didn't even know I lacked. Her expertise allowed me to change my daily hair routine to incorporate time and care (two things which I never took for myself, let alone my hair) and I will be forever thankful. Her salon is easily accessible from Philly, Cherry Hill, and the surrounding areas, in an area filled with stores and restaurants. Making an appt. can easily turn into an afternoon excursion:)

Joanna Wilson Phillips

Just thought about my second appointment coming up soon and I'm really excited to go back! My hair is still super curly and frizz free!

Andrea Galaydick

So excited to have finally found a salon that understands curly hair. I’d been going to a salon in Philly for four years but they just couldn’t get it right no matter how many different stylists I tried. As soon as I stepped into Personal Expressions, I knew I’d come to the right place. They get it. Love my haircut. Jessie is AWESOME. Will definitely come back again (and again).

Pia Sarkar


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