We use products from

CurlyWorld, OWAY, O&M and Innersense

to ensure the best care for your hair.

DevaCurl Products


CurlyWorld products, developed by Lorraine Massey, the creator of DevaCurl, are generously infused with high quality botanicals including bamboo fibers, aloe vera, and coconut water. With no sulfates, silicones, gluten, or parabens, these products help to nourish and protect the hair, giving you refreshingly bouncy and hydrated curls.

OWAY Organic Way Hair Products


Organic Way (OWAY) is the world's first professional hair color, care, and styling line with biodynamic, organic, and fair-trade ingredients. We believe you should never have to compromise your health for professional results. OWAY's innovative green chemists hand-select formulas with the highest percentage of natural ingredients and the least amount of chemicals possible.

OWAY Organic Way Hair Products


Received wisdom often says that you can't achieve the same results without ammonia, resorcinol and PPD, but O&M (Original Mineral) challenges the artificial norms of professional haircare with formulations that are both effective and gentle. O&M aims to remove harsh chemicals from their color and products wherever possible while including natural extracts and active minerals that deliver real benefits.

OWAY Organic Way Hair Products


Nature is at the center of Innersense Organic Beauty. Crafted from certified organic plant ingredients, your hair will love the luxurious formulas that deliver hydration, health, moisture, shine and protection. Innersense is a company dedicated to purity, peace of mind, and the practice of self-care: "We believe choosing clean, pure beautiful hair care is the smart, simple way to create a love story between you and your hair."

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